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Wrap Around Care

'Helping Hands' - Wrap around care

At Helping Hands, we offer full wrap around care, from 7:30 am til 5:50 pm. 

Supporting all the needs of the children ages 3-11. We offer a wide array of play activities  ranging from arts and crafts, sports, team games, gardening, and board games. 

Each week there is a different theme we base our activities on. 

We provide a healthy breakfast to set your child up for the day ahead, also a light snack after school to keep them fuelled. The focus of Helping Hands is to relax, have fun, and play lots in a safe, happy environment tailored for all ages and needs. All details of prices and flexible times that we offer, to suit Parental needs, can be found on the PowerPoint presentation below. Do not hesitate to contact Nicola Naylor for any enquiries, please email [email protected]

Please follow us on our Twitter page Helping Hands for daily updates on our various activities - https://twitter.com/WalkWitton


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