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The Rights of the Child

We aim to ensure our school promotes children’s rights and put them at the heart of Witton Church Walk’s practice and ethos. 

Our creative curriculum and PSHCE lessons embed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to help all pupils realise their potential and be the best that they can be. 
We aim to equip children with the information skills and confidence to become aware of the links between the local and the global and to enable them to become active global citizens. 
This will involve challenging and supporting children to become critical thinkers, to develop independent learning skills and to learn about their rights and how to respect them. 
The children and staff see the importance of rights and understand that they are central to making our school a wonderful place to learn and grow, respecting others rights in all relationships in the community. 

The ethos created demonstrates to children the inclusiveness of a rights-respecting school and paves the way to participation in the life of the community. This in turn helps them to learn how to formulate, express and listen to opinions, helping to raise their achievement. This nationwide award scheme promotes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as the basis for enhancing teaching, learning, ethos, attitudes and behaviour. 

Active child participation is a key characteristic of the award. Being involved in the Rights Respecting School Award [RRSA] means your child can be more involved in decisions about how school is run. 
All around the world children are being denied access to basic things like healthcare, education and safe water to drink. Working towards this Rights Respecting school awards will make our children more aware of their rights within the local community and the wider world. Looking at global aspects will make them realise that other people don’t always have the same benefits that they do. 
To find out more about this award scheme, visit the rights respecting website. www.unicef.org.uk

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