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Physical Education



Our Aims and Objectives
At Witton Church Walk we ensure that the children access two hours of PE over the week, throughout the school year. During these lessons children are given the opportunity to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. The children are given the opportunity to develop fundamental skills and apply them when engaging in competitive activities. The curriculum we provide encourages children to develop competences to excel in a broad range of physical activities across dance, gymnastics and games.

All pupils also have the opportunity to swim during KS2. Lessons are held at Brio Leisure Centre. Children develop an understanding of water safety and provided with the opportunity to develop their range of swimming strokes. By the end of KS2, if not before, it is our aim for all children to be able to swim over a distance of at least 25 metres competently, confidently and proficiently.

Children get the opportunity to complete Bike ability training with Cycle Experience, a national bike awareness cycling program which trains the children in riding safely on the road and provides them with a understanding of basic first aid.


Our Curriculum Planning
At Witton Church Walk Primary School, we deliver our Physical Education curriculum through our progression document. This document maps out the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary the children will be working towards achieving by the end of each key stage. Each National Curriculum objective is broken down into small, achievable steps in order to create a sequence of lessons, allowing for depth of learning to take place. Staff have collaborated on this document to ensure that learning is progressive and built upon prior learning as the children move through the key stages. This ensures our curriculum delivers clear progression of skills from Year 1 to Year 6.

Our curriculum is carefully planned and delivered through a sequence of lessons, tailored to the age and needs of our pupils. 


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