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National Curriculum 2014

The following statement outlines our vision and expectations of the curriculum that we will be delivering in our school from September 2014.

“At Witton Church Walk, our varied, Christian based curriculum inspires pupils' thirst for knowledge and promotes a love of life-long learning in a creative, challenging and safe environment. Dynamic and enthusiastic teaching styles which are built on Christian values ensure that the children are engaged and confident to develop transferable skills for life. Our enrichment activities provided through the creative curriculum are fully inclusive and allow children to reflect on their place within the wider community."

At Witton Church Walk we ensure that each child receives the education that will enable them to reach their full potential.

In line with Government recommendations, we will not be moving children's learning into the next year group as we have done in previous years. Instead, we will be teaching them a broad and balanced curriculum that provides breadth and depth within each subject and provides children with the opportunity to work at a 'Mastery' level in each subject.


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