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School Meals

September 2023 - Daily School Meal price £2.70 per meal.  If you believe you maybe entitled to Free School Meals, please contact the FSM team on 0300 123 7039.


Edsential provides a full catering service to 150 schools across Cheshire West and Chester and Wirral producing over 23,000 meals every school day. Our service brings a fresh and energetic approach to providing top quality meals during lunchtime and at other times during the school day, delivering a whole school approach to provision of food.

Our mission is to provide high-quality Catering Services by offering a range of appetising and nutritious menus. We cater for cultural and dietary needs allowing all customers to have choice and we operate service flexibility, always driven on aspiring to meet and satisfy all our customers.

Our purpose is to provide children with healthy, high quality, affordable food choices that will help them perform well in school. Our aim is to achieve the best for your school, your students, staff, and governors, nurturing positive customer relationships, empowering a skilled workforce, and driving a culture of high expectations.

Enjoying food and eating sociably is a valuable part of understanding and developing a healthy lifestyle. We believe an empty plate is exceptional value.


Quality Food using Quality Ingredients

Our school meals are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, and we were the first in the world and we are still the only school catering provider to only use certified sustainable palm oil in our meals.

We were very aware that palm oil production can have a very damaging effect on forests and land in tropical countries where palm oil is produced, affecting the habitat of many species including orangutans. Alternatives to palm oil also have their issues so we started to look at finding palm oil produced from sustainable sources.

Edsential works closely with Chester Zoo and is part of the Chester Sustainable Palm Oil City Project. These partnerships inspired the business to work with all its suppliers to ensure that 100 per cent of food ingredients and products contain palm oil from responsible and sustainable sources.

We guarantee that our food meets a host of accreditations and National Food Standards, which ensures it can support local businesses and reduce food miles with locally and ethically sourced ingredients.





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