‘Where Every Door Is Open And Every Gift Unlocked.
Sharing God’s Light, Spreading God’s Love and Following God’s Path’



Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.’

Hermann Hesse

Spirituality is a thread that runs throughout everything we do in school. It takes all the opportunities we offer and allows children time to think, to be lost in awe and wonder and to share their inner thoughts and feelings.  It is also about our relationship with ourselves, others, the world and God.

Through stillness and reflection, as we embrace the present and are absorbed in the moment we connect with our emotions, our sense of who we are and begin to think about those deeper questions.

During these calm, quiet times we begin to challenge perceptions and allow ourselves time to view things from a different perspective……….to live it, to experience it with our sense and set an example to those around us.  It even makes us aware of things bigger than ourselves and this often makes us say, 'Wow', but sometimes 'How?'.

Through our environment, our connections with others and our vison we create an atmosphere that brings the best out of everybody for everybody. An environment which nurtures, surrounds us with love, embraces our uniqueness and allows us to be fulfilled as we flourish each and every day.




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