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By creating a love for reading and writing, we believe that our children will develop a life long appreciation of and desire for quality literature. We believe that the study of English develops children’s abilities to listen, speak, read and write for a wide range of purposes. It enables children to express themselves creatively and imaginatively.

Its mastery empowers the learner and is essential for independent learning. It is essential in
the world of work and in most other aspects of our everyday lives. We want our children to be enthusiastic
and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama, as well as non-fiction and media texts. This will allow them
to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of situations.
“Reading is magic. Writing is also magic. Narrative helps us to understand ourselves and
our world.”  Pie Corbett

We strive to teach all our children to read and to enjoy a variety of texts so that they will become independent, critical, fluent, life-long readers and learners.  We believe reading is a vital skill and this belief underpins the huge emphasis we place on the teaching of reading in our school.

We aim for all our children to learn to communicate meaning through enjoyable writing activities, whereby
they express their emotions, thoughts and opinions in writing both imaginatively and factually and including
digital resources. We aim to develop within our children an ability to write effectively in various forms according to
purpose and audience. They will be encouraged to develop as independent writers, learning over time to use effective transcription and composition skills. Pupils will be taught how to plan, revise, draft and review their writing; forming, articulating and communicating ideas, and organising them coherently for a reader.


The lists below are words that your child will be learning to spell throughout their time at Witton Church Walk.  These lists are a mixture of words that we encourage children to use in their writing, as well as words that they often misspell.  The words on the lists run alongside other spelling objectives that we cover as part of our spelling lessons in school.

We would be grateful if you could support your child at home in discussing, reading and spelling the words from the lists relevant to their year group.  It is also useful to revise words from previous year groups, just to check your child is secure in spelling those words too!  Please see the leaflet ‘Helping your Child with Spellings’ for advice on different strategies that can be used.

Year 1- first 100 high frequency words

Year 2- next 200 high frequency words

Year 3/4 – statutory spelling list

Year 5/6- statutory spelling list

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English Curriculum

Progression of Reading, Spoken Language, Writing, Vocabulary, Spelling and Handwriting

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