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The Online Safety Committee

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"New technologies have become integral to the lives of children and young people in today’s society, both within schools and in their lives outside school. The internet and other digital and information technologies are powerful tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone. However, with new opportunities come risks to be aware of..."


At Witton Church Walk, we take Internet Safety very seriously and strive to ensure that our children are provided with opportunities to engage with new technologies in a safe and secure environment where their safety is paramount. We encourage our children to take ownership of their own learning and teach them how they can help to keep themselves and others safe online by reducing the potential risks that come with internet technology. 


Our school has a devoted E-Safety Committee:

E-Safety Lead (Miss Mogford)

Online Safety Governor ()

Two E-Safety Ambassadors (Key Stage Two children)

One Pupil Computing Lead (Key Stage Two child)


We are dedicated to educating the children in our school about both the benefits that the internet can provide and the associated risks to be aware. We strive for all children in our school to be 'E-Smart' when it comes to Online Safety.


Our responsibilities as an E-Safety Committee are:

  • The production, review and monitoring of our school's Online Safety Policy and documents.
  • Mapping and reviewing our online safety and digital literacy curricular provision. We aim to ensure our pupils are provided with opportunities which are exciting, invigorating and offer breadth for all.
  • Monitoring network, internet and incident logs.
  • Consulting stakeholders: questioning parents, carers and the pupils about their online safety provision.
  • Self-reviewing our strengths and weakness' in our E-Safety education, policies, procedures.

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Witton Church Walk recognises our responsibility to give our children the best tools to make informed decisions whilst using the internet.

Our E-Safety curriculum is formed through:

  • A range of assemblies, ran by our E-Safety Committee.
  • Visits from our local police officers.
  • Online Safety work weaved into our Creative Curriculum and any research work undertaken.
  • Online Safety work included throughout our PSHCE Curriculum, especially online bullying and peer on peer bullying.
  • A planned E-Safety Curriculum for Key Stage One (Digidog lessons) and Key Stage Two (Internet Legends)

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Here, at Witton Church Walk, we are committed to supporting parents and carers with E-Safety updates and the necessary resources and knowledge to help keep your child/children safe online, particularly during any times where children are likely to be accessing the internet much more during remote and online learning.


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