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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors



We are your Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. As a team we work together to promote anti-bullying awareness and postive behaviour messages throughout our school. We are here to support anyone with any friendship problems, if children want help or advice, they feel like they are being bullied or if they think they have seen bullying in school. 

Our aim is to stop and prevent bullying in our school and make it a kind, safe place where everyone feels comfortable and safe to be themselves.

Messages from our Anti-Bullying team.....

"We are excited to work together and to raise more awareness of anti-bullying in our school," Ewan 

"We have a really important role in school, supporting younger children and our friends what help," Ralph

" The Diana Award training as allowed us to think about the difference we can make by listening," Yacine 



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