Year 5

Maths Page 7 Place value in big numbers

Year 6

Page 6- PLace value in very large numbers

Page 7 - Rounding Whole Numbers



Year 5

English - Present tense and past tense- P30

Year 6

English - Present tense and past tense- P19


Complete a task from the grid below this week if you didn't do one last week.


Choose one task from the homework grid to do every two weeks beginning from this week. If you do a gris challenge one week, you don't need to do one again until two weeks later.




This week you need to get onto times tables rock stars using your login that you were given. Once you have logged in, start to work on the tables you have been given. You can challenge others and try to get your times down to earn those all important coins! We will be checking your progress next Wednesday so give it a go. If you are struggling to access the site then let us know and we will see if we can fond some time for you to have a go next week at lunchtime.

You also need to start learning the spellings on your list ready for the first test next week.

Good luck young rockers!

Peace out!!

Link to Times Tables Rock Stars https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school 



Year 5 - P11

Year 6 - P8-9

Don't forget to learn your spellings, keep using times tables rock stars and make sure you record any reading you've done in your reading diary!


English homework this week!

Grammar book

Year 5 P16-17

Year 6 12-13

If you didn't do a task from the grid lat week then you need to do one this week. Just a reminder that as well as these tasks above, you also need to make sure that you are learning your spellings; reading regulary at home whilst adding comments to your reading diary and using Times Tables Rockstars to help you with your tables. We don't expect you to do these all at once  but try spearding them over a few nights- every little bit helps!!

Stay safe and have a great weekend! 



Year 5 P6

Year 6 P10-11

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